Making the Most out of Social Distancing

The coronavirus has put a halt to normal life. With social distancing being the norm, it’s hard to stay sane. Many people are feeling isolated. I’m feeling it too. Instead of focusing on all the things that I can’t control and the fact that I can’t see anyone, I’m focusing on what I can do during this time.

Audio Story about how I’ve been working on myself during the quarantine.

I’ve been using this time to connect with myself and the things I love again. I was working 24 hours a week and I was a full-time student that commuted to school. It’s hard to focus on yourself when you’re throwing all of your energy into work and school. While it’s stressful not having an income right now, I’m choosing to focus on things that I have been wanting to do. I’m starting to do things I didn’t have the time or energy to do before this forced break in my normal go go go lifestyle.

One of the things I’ve chosen to focus on is my small side business of reselling online. It’s something that I have really enjoyed doing and I’m happy to have time to learn more about reselling and time to list new items. I’ve been connecting with other resellers on my Instagram (kaimacposh) for a while and I really love the community. I’m so thankful that I have time to work on my little business. One of my goals for right now is to start updating some of my listings with pictures of me modeling the items. I finally have the time and energy to do it!

Another thing that I’ve been able to start getting back into is photography. I have always been so passionate about photography, but I never have the energy to go out, take the pictures, and edit them. Now though, I have all the time in the world! I have been going out on my own and exploring while trying to get some new shots for my website (something else I’m also looking forward to working on). I’ve been getting in some much needed exercise, getting fresh air, and taking some awesome shots!

A shot from one of my walks this week.

(If you’re interested in seeing my photography, you can check out my Facebook page Kailey MarcAurele Photography.)

I’ve found during this weird time that I’ve really been able to connect with myself again. Before, all of my focus had to be on school and work all the time. I never felt like I had a moment to breathe. Now, I have the time to focus on myself and work on my well-being. It’s been eye-opening realizing that I had really lost a lot of myself by over working myself with work and school.

This break from normal life has really given me some time to reflect and remember what’s important to me. While the circumstances aren’t great, I’m trying not to focus on the scary things being reported on the news and doing what I can to protect myself and protect the ones I love.

Take this time to focus on yourself. With social distancing, you’re not obligated to go out. You don’t have to feel bad about doing things you want to do. Read a book. Watch a movie. Video chat with friends. Create something. Learn a new skill you’ve been wanting to learn.

It’s a stressful and uncertain world, but try not to focus on the negatives. Do what you can. Protect yourself and those around you. Follow the guidelines. Focus on what you can control. Don’t think of this as a prison sentence. Take this time to reconnect with yourself.

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